Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Develop a Research Repository web Application tool Essay

Develop a Research Repository web Application tool - Essay Example The architecture will employ 3-tier where there will be the user end, business logic end and the server end. The user-end will have a system that will enable the users to access the repository. The server end will have a database which will be used to store the research materials. The database will make use of Oracle 11g. There will be a connection of these applications so that the application connects to the database (Brian, 2007). Access to the application and to the database will be achieved using web interface. The application that is used will be the browser that the users are using. There will be security of the system so that not everybody will access the system. The restriction will be differentiated so that there are restrictions for the outsiders and restrictions for members. The restrictions for outsiders will be that these users will not access the whole system completely. This is because the users will access only the parts that are of interest to them. The system admini strators and the IT staff will have the privileges that will enable them to access most of the tools and places in the system. They are tasked with maintaining the system and they need to access the whole system. There will be a user interface that will allow this access to be implemented. From the description, there is the back-end of the system and also the front-end. The back-end represents the database and the server. The back-end will be operated upon by the administrators of the system. There are times that the database will fail. There is therefore a need to ensure that it is restored back to work (Brian, 2007). With the new system, users and researchers will be required to fill in forms that will describe the research work they are interested in and send it to the system. The work that the researcher is interested in will be searched in the database. The research work that will be submitted will be approved by the staff and then approved to be added to the database. The arti cles that are added to the system will be categorized based on their nature. Detailed analysis of the tool Most of the requests will be made to the server by users. This will mean that the requests will be made through a web based system. There will be an internet connection that will help to connect the users and the server end part of the system. Without this connection, the connection and the access will not be made possible. The application that will handle all the requests will be developed using the C# programming language. This will reside in the server part of the web-based system. There are possibilities to have connections in Visual Studio either to databases or web services. The connection to the end users will be done through web service connection and the services to the back-end part of the system will be done using database connectivity. The database that will be used is Oracle 11g. The architecture in diagram 1 shows that the server and database are running on the se rver end of the system. Figure 1: Basic architecture The connection of the database and the application will be done using the functionality of the Visual Studio 2010. There is a tool that enables Visual Studio to connect to data that are from any source. When using Visual Studio, there is a tool that is used to create a connection. All connections have the same members. The property that will be used in the connection is that of ConnectionString property. This property has a

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